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Shiv Satchit , who hails from London, UK is a highly gifted professional is a world-travelled journalist. He wears three hats; journalism, IT and media. Education. He is a multimedia journalist/media trainer by profession with extensive experience having held senior editorial positions with various news organisations including local newspapers, newsmagazines, news agencies, radio and satellite television channels including LWT, BBC and GSTV in the United Kingdom.

He also possesses an impressive track record as a digital media consultant with several years of experience in consulting for organisations and schools. His expertise in developing satellite and broadband television stations has earned him enviable credits for consulting for many broadcasting companies and notably for Swami Maharishi Mahesh Yogi channel.

Besides cherishing his interest in developing online distance learning and livestreaming platforms for charities and educational institutions he has active interests in humanitarian projects including poverty alleviation, the protection and safety of animals , particularly cows and dogs.

Of late a near miracle dawned on Shiv. He considers himself to be fortunate enough to be chosen by Baba SC Sharma, of Jauna, Mehrauli, Delhi. The mystic is a direct disciple of Neem Karoli Baba of Vrindavan (also in Kainchi Dham, Uttrakhand). The mystic departed on 3rd June after meeting Shiv the previous day at an ashram known as Sawan Adhyatmic Satsang Society in Saraswati Vihar, Delhi, 110034 where he is managing the development of a unique spirituality-based school curriculum formulated by leading spiritualist/scientist Dr Chand K Bhardwaj, who has spent 26 years of research to come up with a theo-philosophy for spiritually empowering school children in India and beyond.

The Baba assigned Shiv a gigantic responsibility to realise his dream of providing protection, dignity and respect to what he envisaged as four types of 'mothers'; natural mother, cow, motherland and the Bhagwad Gita, To this end Shiv currently focused in developing a portal which would be instrumental in promoting Babaji's aspirations and rallying everyone's support for his ideals.

Shiv heads Global Media Network,(GMN) which is a UK-based non-profit organisation. eChanakya is a joint collaboration between GMN and Sawan Prabha Spiritual Research Centre (SPSRC) in helping closing the digital divide to enable an improvement in the delivery of classes and tuitions throughout India and the developing nations.

Our projects need financial support from you. We would like to appeal to you for help. Please contribute what little you can afford in making this worthwhile project a remarkable success in the interest of poor and illiterate children who are spending their childhood in hopelessness and begging, toiling and struggling to survive. To these we need to be a supporter, an inspirer and a mentor. They are positioned at minus zero level. They need us to be pulled up from the darkness to light.



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